Bug in database connection. Only MySql does work?

Trying 2.5,2.6,2.7 versions.
The same bugs when trying to select non MySql database.
In Global Settings:

In project database settings:

This is not bug this and because of the structure of your MySQL password.

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Please note: You cannot change your database from one type to another.

I think the Database Property will be disabled.

Sorry, what do you mean under “structure of my MySQL password”?
I have no problem with MySQL, but I can’t select anything else.
And, in fact, “structure” of my test password is rather simple: “12345678” :slight_smile:

I don’t want to change database type, I tried to create new project.
I’m able to create MySQL connection, but I’m not able neither set default database type (without any project) nor select PostgreSQL for new project.

Removes your password. Leave the MySQL USER Root Password: Empty

It is empty in Global Settings.
I downloaded and freshly installed Radsystem 2.7, and wanted to select PostgreSQL. I can’t. When I try to select anything else in Global settings I got the Picture1.
If I try to select New Project with something else than MySQL I get Picture2.

So, is anybody here who uses Radsystems 2.x version NOT with MySQL?