Cant open saved project

strange thing - I cant open saved project.
Iam creating project, add a table (which duplicates itself - Ive posted erlier another post about this issue)
, publish project and save it. Than close RadSystem, start it again and loag project. I am getting following error:

@piotr your project have been corrupted and this occurs when the Radsystems Studion is performing an action (e.g project save) when you see not responding on the Application bar and you interrupt it by clicking on something else.

Hi ! Any solution ? Same problem here ! Occurs in any project I create ! The project open and I can work but the message stills appears !

This seems to be an issue with the systems language, it is advisable to use an English version of windows to avoid it for the main time. You can create a virtual machine and install the English version of windows and install radsystems studio in it.