Error read database 2.8

version 2.8 PHPRad classic … does not read database tables ???

Please i can see the record being display so i don’t understand how this is a bug.

Hi @Maxr167 ,

Can you screenshot the data in your phpmyadmin?


it allows me to enter new data but does not display the fields in read…image attached.

it allows me to enter new data but does not display the fields in read…image attached.

Please can you try this with new project. I have tried to replicate this issue on my side and everything seems to work fine.

this is a new project … however up to 2.7 no problem …


The issue here is checking if the server in your cmd is running.i had same issue

but you’re kidding??? if you look at the date and time fields b they are regularly displayed… and cmq confirmed after update 2.8 the problem presented.

I don’t understand why ADD works properly. DATE and TIME display them correctly. I installed LARAGON (I used XAMPP) to check but the problem remains.

I installed version 2.7…surprise…

I have not had this error in my 2.8 version

being the program in beta I don’t do any project or changes run only tests. I have not changed anything from version 2.7 to 2.8; I uninstalled the 2.7 and installed the 2.8 stop. I can perform an additional test by installing PHPRAD on a new pc…

Please can you share your project file**(.rpf)**. This will help us debug the app to see the problem.
I appreciate your patience.


ok where can I share it to you?

Please send to [email protected]

Hello Max,

We have identified the issue. Our team is working towards resolving it.

This is due to different character casing from the database columns. Currently, Radsystems converts all fields name to lower case.

You can temporarily solve this by making your table fields name all lower case

Kindly wait for the newest release to address this issue.

Thanks for your support.

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ok thanks for the support.

This has been resolved on version 2.9
You probably need to test with new project.


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