Image not showing in phpRAD Vue in local production hosting

I have deployed my phpRAD Vue app in localhost production using xampp. No image is showing now. What can I do?


You mean profile picture?
I have the same issue.

Please - try to fineture database table responsible for picture - set it to varchar 255. This can be also connected to folder permission - do you have xammp in default dir or custom?

Issue is strange - in my case sometime it works, sometime it dont.

No I want to show logo in pdf print from asset file.

@phrmst if you want to modify the report layout, you can find it here {Project Root}\php-laravel-api\resources\views\layouts.

Yes, I found it. But how can I show image path here. I use below but no image is showing.

<img sec="{{ asset('images/logo.png') }}" />

Any idea?

it seems your HTML code is wrong, try the code below, and if it doesn’t work, it means the export plugin does not support images.

<img src="{{ asset('images/logo.png') }}" />