Incompatible version

I am testing Radsystems,
I had downloaded version 2.0, I did a test project (I am analyzing making a large project, I have been using Phprunner for many years).
Today I downloaded version 2.6 and I cannot open the project that I developed with version 2.0.

How can this incompatibility be solved?


This is because there are some breaking changes that were introduced in later versions as the software isn still in beta version.

Best solution is to start new project with current version which is lot more stable than the previous version.

Or continue developing the project with old version .

Sorry for the inconveniences.

Thanks for your support.

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Ok, but in future new versions will there be compatibility? Or is it better not to develop anything until the stable version? Right now I see that version 2.7 is there, and last week I downloaded 2.6.
I would like to know how to proceed because I want to see if the new projects are developed in RADSYSTEM or in PhpRunner (I would like it to be in RADSYSTEM jaja)

As long as we are in beta version, there might be compatibility issues. I will strongly advise not to develop any production app with the beta version until we reach stable stage.

Kind regards.

Thanks for answering!
Is there an estimated date for the stable release?
When the release comes out, it can be tested (for 30 days like the BETA)