Login and registration

login/registration not working…

Hi @laravel,
this is an issue with your database structure. If you know you want some of your fields to be optional in a form, you have to make sure in your database that the column has a default value set to null. In your case, the prof_pic column was not set to Null as default, and you are submitting a form that does not contain a value for the prof_pic, that is why you got this error. Please set the default to null for that pro_pic database table column.

As for me i don’t think it is a problem with the database structure because i have encouterd the exact same problème, but i had a profile picture.

Hi @mcjohn137 can you provide a screenshot of your error, so that we can confirm, thanks.

Hi ! Please i think it was the way i was running the server that affected the result. On another computer, it works fine except for when i create roles