Missing no 6 option in List Page Properties

I’m confuse because I can’t see no 6 menu in List Page properties (as shown on the ss below). I want to show the modal for edit & view menu. This is 5.1.4 version. Is this a bug or what?

@fr0st3d I don’t understand your question, can you please clarify your question?

@willvin from the screenshot above, in List - Page Properties option after 05.Page Components there should be number 06 right? I believe it should be about Modal as the video in Youtube show. But in my case I can’t see the 06 menu. Is it like that or only in my computer?

There is nothing missing there. The configuration you see is correct. You don’t have to look at the numbering for configuration as they are used internally.

@willvin okay…I was watching the Youtube video from RadSystems channel and it was there, the 06 menu, which was about Modal. I was trying to get along with the video but couldn’t find similar option from the video.

That was in the previous version and not the current version.

Hi willvin i am also going through this problem about not able to set modal for View or Edit. Can you please let me know how and where to find this setting in version 5.1.4. Thanks in advance

@avezkhan @fr0st3d you can find the new configuration for it in ActionButtons in List page Properties.

Thank you so much for your quick reply, yes i had set that to Modal but still it does not take effect, i observed in the picture which you posted, there it is an Vue app, the issue i am facing is with the Classic app, if i make a Vue app then it is working fine, is there anything else i should have to do.? (i am also using the v6.0.5)

@willvin @avezkhan yes, same thing with me here. No effect on Classic.

hi have you got it working.?

Still not working. Maybe in the next update.