No support for previous project in radsystem 5.0

I am really surprised to see the below message in radsystem 5.0 download page.

Please note: Radsystems version 5.0 cannot open projects created with previous version.

This is weird looking that previous projects developed with previous version less than 5.0 is not compatible with 5.0. Usually, any update of software should support all previous and add some additional features and bug fixing. But this time I am really shocked because my previous projects are to be redeveloped with 5.0. It’s not a matter joke because my project contains so many custom code.

Please solve compatibility issue.


I agree.
I’m tired of doing the same things over and over.
I think maybe a converter program can be written or “.rpf” project file can be converted to xml file type

I was thinking buying but keep developing the same projects is an issue. Keep the old version with the known issues or update and re-develop it ? I do not know. Maybe I have to look for another solution.

Is it possible have two installations, version 4.6 and 5.0 in the same PC ? What about the licence ? I started a project in version 4.6 and it’s not possible start the same project again in version 5.0.

You can have more than one installation of Radsystems Studio on your PC. While installing Radsystems Studio you are given the opportunity to install it to a different folder.

Still this is not good decision because to add or get new features of 5.0 I have to re-develop my app in this. This is not good way. Please consider the compatibility of previous version project. Otherwise we will be in pain.