PHPRad v3.0 Beta


Base on radsystems PHPRad Classic v3.0 Beta (30days Trial)

Q1. How to create Table to have field with unsigned & default value? Is there a way to “php artisan make:migration create_users_table” from PHPRad? Or better do it with phpmyadmin?

Q2. How to display name/productname instead of the id in list page?
File structure:- (AI => AUTO INCREMENT, PK => PRIMARY KEY)

  1. customer file
    id (AI/PK)
    … & other info

  2. product file
    id (AI/PK)
    … & other info

  3. invoicehdr file
    id (AI/PK)
    customerid => how to make the relationship to customer->id field and display the customer->name
    … & other info

  4. invoiceitm file (composite primary key)
    invoiceid => (PK) inherit from invoice header invoicehdr->id
    id => (AI/PK)
    productid => how to make the relationship to product->id field and display the product->productname

Q3. Will direct edit / modify the created model / controller file get recorded in the PHPRad project file?

Q4. Will PHPRad use Laravel v8.x for the stable release?

Hi @mis,
A1. It is better to do it with PHPMyAdmin and sync the database changes in Radsystems Studio, using the Sync button.

A2. you can use the master details settings/configuration provided in the List/View Page Field Properties or use the Join settings/configuration in List/View Page Properties.

A3. No. if you use the Radsystems Studio Project explorer, the app will exempt the file you edit directly. But if you edit the file outside the Radsystems Studio, you will have to exempt the page or file from being generated in the Project Settings, else Radsystems Studio will overwrite the changes made.

A4. Laravel v8.x will come in future updates, but it will not anytime soon.