Problems with update 5

Hi, I updated my classic version with version 5, I can’t publish existing projects and not even new ones, I am attaching an error

this will help you.
change “DefaultAppTheme” in Global settings.

hello, nothing changes.
Furthermore, in the classic version there are still:

no export buttons in the view page
the calendar cells do not allow you to enter events
by opening a new project the first table duplicates itself and does not generate the related pages
there are no new 4 components (or I didn’t understand what they refer to)
and we don’t know how many other bugs fixed in 5.01 were not implemented in the classic version.

It is currently impossible to work on a project to be put into production.
Is it possible to know when a stable version will be released to work?

All the same even in version 5.0.2

in version 5.03:
The import data button does not work
In page view the export button does not appear
the calendar does not allow you to add dates directly from the day cells
there is no trace of the new 4 components

I hope corrections are made as soon as possible