SQL generated by Radsystem does not work

I created a sql with Radsystem; preview works if applied to the Record Count does not work.


@Maxr167 if your project is a classic project, please share this file {project root}\app\Models\ComponentsData.php or its content.

@Maxr167 if the error you are getting is this

then change your query COUNT() AS count_of_cliente_id to COUNT() AS num.

Whenever you use the Edit With Query Designer on a Record Count component, you need to modify the FieldAlias to num.

hello Willvin , even with this setting it doesn’t work …

PHPRad Vue

What error are you getting?

Please use the query parameters bindings for your dynamic query to avoid sql injections


Send me a private message containing your Anydesk ID.

Hi Willvin, your information is correct (as always) … problem solved … thanks for your support