Where function in page design

is it possible to add “GROUP BY” in the where of page design ?

@Maxr167 what project type is this? Either create the question to the specific category for the project type on the forum or add the project type details to your question, thanks.

PHPRad Vue project … in the where of the page design-> Default query configuration I would like to add the “GROUP BY” function; in the web page it gives me syntax error, unexpected ‘GROUP’ (T_STRING)

@Maxr167 according to the fields i saw in the image, the query should look like any of the below.

$query->where("sospensione", "=", "Nassuna")->where("fatturato", "=", "No")->groupBy("palestra");


$query->where("sospensione", "Nassuna")->where("fatturato", "No")->groupBy("palestra");


$query->where("sospensione", "=", "Nassuna");
$query->where("fatturato", "=", "No");


$query->where("sospensione", "Nassuna");
$query->where("fatturato", "No");

They are all the same.
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