1 year of free upgrades and version 8.7

I licensed RadStudio in December explicitly because it was a purchase, not a subscription. This license included 1 year of free upgrades. I see that version 8.7 has been released in April, but it requires the user to switch to a subscription license. I do not want a subscription license and I did not agree to such a thing when I purchased the software. How do I get my free upgrades that were part of my license?

To quote your own page:
" Applications developed with Radsystems Studio are royalty-free.

  • One-time payment without any subscriptions or recurring fees, upgrades are optional.
  • Standard licenses are per developer/PC with 1 year of free upgrades.
  • Radsystems Studio licenses are for a lifetime."

Hello Hackish,

You still have access to upgrade to 8.7.0, and your one year of free upgrade is still available to you until December. After this period, you have to enroll in a one-year subscription to continue using the software.
Thank you for choosing RadSystems.

As long you are certain this is correct because the email circulated seemed to indicate that we had to move over to the subscription license if we wished to get the 8.7.0 upgrade. We chose your product specifically because there was no recurring subscription fee. If I had known these licenses would be cut off in the future I probably would have purchased an additional year of support.