A few technical questions


I am exploring PHPRad to see how it fits our requirement. I am trying to correlate what I want to achieve (or what I have already developed manually) inPHPRad

But I am not able to understand as to how I can do a few things in it.

I am listing a few question that I have, trying to explain in as much details as I can.

Q1. How to show a page in which there is not data loaded when it opens except for a few selects. As shown below:

Once users selects required parameters it should automatically (on selecting date) fetch attendance (using Ajax) of student if already taken. The data will look like below image:

Q2. How to build and execute a complex query like this?

SELECT DISTINCT allocate_batch.ab_roll_no, student_master.sm_student_name, student_master.sm_id FROM allocate_batch INNER JOIN student_master ON allocate_batch.ab_sm_id = student_master.sm_id LEFT JOIN enrollment_master ON student_master.sm_id = enrollment_master.enrollment_sm_id LEFT JOIN enrollment_subject ON enrollment_master.enrollment_id = enrollment_subject.esub_enrollment_id WHERE allocate_batch.ab_std_id = '11' AND allocate_batch.ab_ay_id = '36' AND student_master.sm_active ='1' AND allocate_batch.ab_div_id = '1' AND enrollment_subject.esub_sub_id = '1' AND enrollment_ay_id = '12' AND enrollment_im_id = '1'

Q3. How to load data in multiple dependent Select? Like for example in my case when a user selects Academic Year all the other selects should get updated and relevant data loaded into all of them. So in an Academic Year does not have a standard linked to it that standard does not show up.

Q4. How to update multiple tables in background when user enters data in the form? Like for example when a student is enrolled I want to insert the fees due for that student in Fees table.

Q5. In a few videos that I have seen I have observed that on a entry form only one Submit button is show. How to add another button to it?

Q6. I don’t know as to how to explain this problem so please check below image to understand as to what I a trying to achieve:

Waiting for creative feedback.

Yogi Yang

A1. This feature is currently not available, you will have to implement that manually.

A2. From the Page Events, you can see a list of query functions you can use. If you are looking for join statements, in the List/View Page Properties you can find the configuration for SQL clauses like Join tables, Where, Having, Order by, RecordLimit.

A3. Configuring Select Field and Dependent Lookup in PHPRad - YouTube

A4. You can use the Page Events to achieve that, by running your query to update a table whenever the action for that page is triggered.

A5. You can add another button to it by editing the page as custom and applying you HTML code for the button.

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Are there any plans to implement such a feature in RadSystems Studio?

Can you please give step to implement this.

Yogi Yang

Currently not sure about that, but you will be notified when such a feature exist.