A lot of bugs in new version 5.1.4

Everytime i create a new project i face this:

After this error, all database tables duplicated

And i cannot remove the duplicates

Everytime a file field is empty, system throw a error:

In this case, the user photo field is not set, and it throw this error.

Username and password always is wrong to system


If i register a new user, it automaticaly logins ok, but if i try to login another time, it always get wrong user/pass error

This is a timeout from radsystems trying to connect to your database. Sync your database again when you encounter this error.

@stefan this is not a bug. Please check your password field length in your database, it should be set to VARCHAR(255), your field discards any data longer than what you have defined, which makes the password stored on your DB different from what you created.

This is a bug that has been reported to the dev.

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Its not only too many bugs, its also a huge mistake in their strategy in integrating Quasar into Laravel etc. They lost their originality.

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@willvin did u know how to solve the file field bug? I really need to solve this quick as possible. Do u have some code snippet?

Send me a PM with your TeamViewer details or Anydesk ID.

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@steffan Create another table …then delete the dublicates after that …you can now recreate the table you want.its a bug but thats how to counter it

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It’s work for the file bug?
In the error slack trace it shows that app trying to cache a array even when image field is not set.
I think that i just need to rewrite this function