Add a button to call a form

Hello everyone, I have a question with the handling of the button … The option to link which table and list / add / edit action works perfect, my question is … how do I link the id field?
Example I have a table that has 3 or more tables that are referenced to it, the idea is to create a button and that when pressing link with the call id, I do not understand what it takes from paramatro to call the button.

Seeing the master / detail if I handle it with subforms works perfect … but … I have a master and more than one detail and I don’t want to show it as subforms, since the form becomes too long and confusing. For this reason, I want to make the master in the view or a custom form and add the buttons to call the different details. But … when I call them I want to link the ID on the field that I am located and this option does not have the button, it only has the option to open a table in list / add / edit / mode
I think now I was a little clearer …