Adding Php Code in Custom View Component

Hello, I have the following question: How do I do to link a php page within a custom view component, in the previous version we can do it, now need translate or convert it to the Vue framework, is there some example of this? i saw some vue examples on github but i dont know how to iterate with this.
Thank you very much

Hi, you can’t do that. You can only write html codes on the custom view component. And use the custom js section to write your js code that pulls data from an endpoint to load on the component.

@ocalle Have a look at this it will help you understand …but like willvin said you cant do that

Hi @ocalle ,

This proves my point. The bundling of the product may be a mistake. The older version of PHPRad was great. I have suggested they should deliver a version with CI4 + VueJs + Quasar(or Nuxt). The CI4 is a simpler but mean php platform.

Anyway, good luck.

There is no mistake .you just need to know how it works.theres no mistake.the mistake is wanting to add phpcode in a custom code of a vue js framework…they are not related in any way

All this comes from the point that Radsystems does maintain adequate documentation and start-to-end video trainings (e.g like Pinegrow has). All the trainings are provided by people who want to take money. Radsystems has failed in providing a complete solution to users for the prize they charge. Compare with Scriptcase (a fuller alternative) i and we can see that, for a bit extra, they provide complete solution.

There are some videos on my channel as well as willvins channel and radsystems channel

Yep but nothing from start-to-end tutorials. Most are like teasers to drive us to the Patroen stupidity or their personal websites to help them make money. Total costs will ultimately overrun the cost of the software. I had good experience on this. So I decided to throw the software in the dumps and update a number of tech reviews and forums to drop this component from their list.

Worry not there are videos im uploading on my channel lately they involve all that you need to know on rad systems and phprad.they will get you started…hope it helps you…

Follow this link to access the rest of the videos.however radsystems channel has videos for beginners.
Mine are more hands-on as of now but easy to follow

On the other hand no need to be bitter.radsystems itself doent ask for donations…the few developers like me who have mastered it are the ones making the patreon videos and we are not related to radsystems in any reviewing the software that it wants to drive you to it’s patreon is an incorrect review rad systems has at no point ever asked anyone to buy a

Seriously??? I have been thru all the videos. They are all bits and pieces. Nothing that will take a person through all the features of the software using an example project. The old version has some good ones from Wilwin. In the YouTube he posted half and got me to buy the second half of the tutorial through Patroen.

I dont understand. Many of the guys are making thousands per month on YouTube why be greedy for more? The worse part is the vidoes go outdated very quickly and they dont bother to update. I would rather trust the courses in Udemy than your channels. At least i can a refund if you do a bad job.

Simply put the software, the old classic, was and is still good. The new one is, in my opinion, a rubbish. The Radsystems people have poor strategy with their product. They should have continued improving the wonderful old Classic product and then built plugins for Vuejs/Quasar. Its a shame.

Why on earth would i want to buy a product that bundles Vuejs/Quasar and Laravel. If i want to use Vuejs, I would have used the Vuejs framework directly and Quasar, Nuxt or Vuetify to achieve better results and just Codeigniter if i needed a backend api server. Why would i pay to get the same from Radsystem??? That too extra Licenses for a company. The tutorials on Vue, Quasar, Nuxt with laravel integration are already available in full in the YouTube. Why buy Radsystems to get more confused and pay more to get rid of the confusion??? These are my points in the tech reviews. Good luck to Radsystems that took a good product and messed it up.

Hold your horses .i think there is no point in trying to reason with are clearly a toxic person here to spread the toxicity.most people learn by trying and understanding…i don’t get why keep complaining about something that makes no sense.please think about not representing radsystems by saying this.but if you hate it soo much just stop using it.
Fyi if you know how to use phprad classic this should be easy for you.find something else to complain about

I have the right to complain against stupidity and greed which is corrupting the IT Industry. You will hear more of me in here, if not in internet reviews. If this same was posted by Gartner, would you accept it? Please learn to take criticism and most important learn to change and innovate not degenerate. The guy Twozik is the man i respect. He has quality, good attitude and well defined videos. Radsystem should use him. You are the worst and your courses are inconsistent and messy.

So there you go. I paid for the software and this a user forum. We have the right to feedback. Whether you accept and improve or condemn and fail miserably. Your choice.

Calling other people’s work rubbish then calling yourself a critique huh? How noble

Hi, I just want to ask to calm down and low intensity of this conversation.

Murugappan - You have valid points. I also struggle with lack of documentation and trying trial and error method with almost every aspect of Radsystem. Its real PITA. I use Vue varsion. Radsystem classic is way more complete BUT I am looking for skeleton app builder based on opensource tools like laravel, Quasar, Vue etc. which can help build web apps along with mobile app. And RADsystem is the only solution (to my little knowlegde) available now.

It looks like You are addressing those issues to wrong people. I think its not ok to attack one of users for something which should be done by RAD developers. As I see it - Wahome tries to help You - stop blaming him for somebody elses mistakes.

Rad studio is a promising project but still lacks much of being mature. Knowing that, Ive paid 250$ because I believe in it and try to support developers. The same ones which didnt find time to answer to my few messages about Polish translation for RADsystem which Ive made and nobody wants it. Its hard but I am ok with this.

I’m sorry, I don’t want to be smart but it seems to me that the temperature of the dispute should be lower. Happy new Year to Both of You.

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Dear friends, heated discussions are valid without entering the realm of aggression, it does not lead anywhere, one person is more angry than the other and therefore is right. I think that Radsystem has potential and that many times we find ourselves in situations that we cannot solve, maybe everyone has a different vision and problem. With PhpRad I made backend applications that are very stable and have been working for 2 years. In the same way I bet on RadSystems, I believe that at some point the support and communications part will stabilize, that’s why I always say that you have need to document all the bugs in the forum with their solution, that’s the neatest way to move forward.
Have a great start of the year with happiness in your homes and be protected from the dramas of this planet.


My problem is the tone the man is using…other time he was in my youtube channel throwing insults. Now he has found his way here to post more of them.the thing is he makes no sense.he just an angry person.
Im sorry but i really dont like how he is addressing the issue.i mean,you could always message radsystems in their live chat or email