Authentication Issue PHPRad Vue v 6.0.8

HI Support,

I enabled the Authentication but got this error:

Laravel Error:
[2022-06-12 23:56:58] production.ERROR: It was not possible to parse your key, reason: {“exception”:"[object] (Lcobucci\JWT\Signer\InvalidKeyProvided(code: 0): It was not possible to parse your key, reason: at F:\Users\Admin\Documents\RadSystems\PHPRad VUE Projects\project_2\php-laravel-api\vendor\lcobucci\jwt\src\Signer\InvalidKeyProvided.php:17)

The schema I used is based on the online instruction:
Table Name: users
Fields: username (VARCHAR, size: 50)
Fields: password (VARCHAR, size: 255)
Fields: email (VARCHAR, size: 100)
Fields: photo (VARCHAR, size: 255, NULL)

Please help.


Hi, delete the generated project folder, reconfigure authentication and republish. When you configure the authentication, make sure the process on the command prompt that comes up, finishes with no error.

Hi Willvin,

Thank you for the advice. However, after following your instructions, I am still getting the same error. Please advise.