Auto Fill Values, Field Events

1. Inline Add and Inline Edit Functionalities: Scenarios is, when you are presenting Master and Details Page on Add/Edit Screen and need to add more records into details table, or need to edit details table records (Sales Order Form - POS thing), its obvious to add records while staying on same screen, instead of going to another screen for addition/updation etc. It’s a must have functionality to add/edit records in inline mode. (this function will also be handy for list pages for quick addition/updation etc)

2. Auto Fill Values: Your software has option to add dynamic drop down and it can filter values that are dependent on other value. Wouldn’t it be cool to extend the functionality further? ---- Scenario is, lets say on Sales Order Form, you pick item code (coming from Items table dynamically) and upon selection, item price, stock in hand, measurement unit etc gets filled automatically. I mean populate values from Items table, based on the item code selection. It will further speedup the work.

3. Field Events : Events are most helpful thing when working on complex projects. like onclick event, onchange event,

3. Fields Events: is available for classic projects, Vue projects do not use jquery which means you can’t use jquery events. Vue.js has its own event, you have to edit the page as custom to add your events. Please read more here Event Handling — Vue.js (, thanks.