Autofill (lookup) from one table to another?

When selecting the product id field in detail sale, I want to bring the price or more fields from the Products table.

Please note that this is currently not available, but you have the option of applying your custom code.

Any update on this? Sorry if I should start a new topic.

@robertr you can write a custom endpoint and use watchers to update…its easy

The point of a case, low-code tool is just that, to avoid writing code as much as possible. This that I required since almost 2.7.3 is something simple that should be included, the fact of being able to do autofill, filters and parent filters of more than 3 levels. These are things that are used a lot in a backend. If I have to start writing code for all this, I do it directly manually…

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@Emman @Humphrey …consider this…