Autofillinputs not updating correctly

Hello everyone. I am trying to use the autofillinputs to update another db value, it is working properly except that it is always missing one character. example if the input of the first field is ABCD the stored second field is ABC without the D. I am using JavaScript expression

formData.value1= formData.value2;

any help/advice would be much appreciated.

share a screenshot of what you are doing but, you might be getting this if you are doing this on a trigger event like on input or on change!

I am simply filling the property “autofillinputs” of the selected field on the right column with

formData.value1= formData.value2;

I am in the add screen.

you can send me a zoom meeting link and lets see if we can sort it out

Here’s a screenshot maybe it might help understand my idea. Thank you for the kind assistance.

I am allowed one image per post so this is the 2nd screenshot

i seee, and what error are you getting here?

try adding a .value
for example

var profit = formData.selling_price.value - formData.cost_price.value
formData.profit.value = profit

no errors, simply the field is always missing the last character example:

if I input 8989 the result stored is 898
ABCD the results is ABC
and so on…

I tried adding .value but the return value is empty

btw the project is built using php/laravel/quasar vue so I don’t know if it has something specific to write

oka! i think im missing the point! can you create a google meeting and send me the link here?

thank you, now i have some limitations will let you know once available. thanks again for your kind assistance

no problem, feel free to message anytime! howevr i will trr make a youtube video on this ! see if it will answer your questions

wow will appreciate it, what is your channel link?

Hello, I am trying to achive the same result. Would love to know details and resolustion for this.