Bug in version 2.6 I am trying to take a row id value to add in an add field. does not work

i dont think whatever you are doing
is the right thing to do! if you want to add this to an add field! do a databind

This has been addressed in version 2.7.

nothing is resolved. I already got tired of bugs from radsystems. I’m going to stop using it and a lot of bugs got tired of reporting bugs.

@Gabriel Sorry for the inconveniences. We are still in Beta version that’s why we are trying to fix a lot of the bugs as quickly as possible.

Thanks for your great support which has helped us reach this stage.

We appreciate your time and effort.
Kind regards.

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Dont get tired bro, your findings help alot for the success of this software and for our future develpments . :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

@Gabriel Stop building production apps with a beta version.its why you are getting tired