Calculations on dynamic table row problem

Dear @willvin please help me about this issue .I need to multiply two values that is rate & quantity and result was displayed on third field total .Dynamic Table Row it is not working.

i have seen your below solution, as i am new i need a actual example of it.

@maumar‍ that is because you are using the wrong field id , since you changed it to Dynamic Table Row the id of the field is different. The id would be in #ctrl-rate-row1 , #ctrl-quantity-row1 , #ctrl-rate-row2 , #ctrl-quantity-row2 , etc. The best solution is for you to do your calculation with PHP in Page Events before it is inserted into the database, or you change back to the single form.

how could i do that using Jquery or Page Events. please help me with code. thanks a lot in advance.

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Send me a private message with your Anydesk ID and I will show you how to get it done using Page Events. But you will have to post the code solution here for others.

Dear willvin i have already share my anydesk id with you. Yes i will definitely share this solution which will be done by you.