Calendar component not working

I tried the component with php+quasar and node+quasar since the component is not available for primevue. In both cases it gives the same error.

Provide more details of the table you are working with and a screenshot of your Radsystems Studio configuration.

P/D: I am with laravel + quasar. I like primevue better but when selecting laravel + primevue the calendar component doesn’t exist…

Hi, please apply the calender on a list page.

The same mistake…
In the compilation of quasar it also gives an error.

It works fine from my end.

you can find the sample file here.


Thanks, the error was that I had the latest version of node… I installed 14 and everything is perfect.
Does it work with primevue? because when selecting this framework the available component does not appear, however with quasar it does.

if you don’t see the component it means there is currently no calendar support for it.