Can I use alternative template to RADVue project

total newbee here. Can I use different template in my RAD Vue project?
I mean this for example:Quasar Admin - Made with Vue.js

@piotr if you mean to add it to Radsystems studio to automatically use it to generate your project, the answer is NO. But you can modify the generated code yourself to apply your template, but you need to have knowledge of vue.js.

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Dear WillVin - thank You, now I understand. Happy New Year!

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@piotr Yes you long as it’s made with quasar.but like willvin said you need to add them in custom views ,i do this on a daily basis.but if there are some external libraries used in it you have to findout what they are

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Dear Wahome, thank You. Can You point me to haw to use custom template - theres a folder I just put files or I need to set things up in Rad Studio (ie: link CSS file)?

@piotr in radsystems as long as the template is in quasar you wont be needing any css! just copy the files and they will appear just as they are in radystems

Dear Wahome, sorry to bother - should I put template in:

PHPRad VUE Projects\my_app\frontend\src\assets\css?

Or should I put it in Radsystem installation folder:
c:\Program Files (x86)\RadSystems\Components\quasar\frontend\ ?

@piotr create a zoom meeting and email it to me via [email protected] i will login and show you