Can't Add on Detail page

I’ve configured master-detail relation from table Students to Guardians as seen here :

How to enable Add button on detail page (add new ‘guardian’) ?

sorry forgot to info…
it’s RS 8.1.0

RadSystems should be include add/Edit option in Detail Page option in Master Details page.

You can do it as like this way:
In Students add Page Properties, Go to Master Detail Form option, and then add detail forms as like below:

Yes as per your guidance I can add-guardian page to add-student page.
But how do I enable add-guardian on list-student page ?
there’s no master-detail form collection property on student list page

just curious… in this video, it can provide add button on detail page :

and he/she uses version 7.1.2

From your image here, you can see enable header below that configuration. Set it to true.