Can't Add on Detail page

I’ve configured master-detail relation from table Students to Guardians as seen here :

How to enable Add button on detail page (add new ‘guardian’) ?

sorry forgot to info…
it’s RS 8.1.0

RadSystems should be include add/Edit option in Detail Page option in Master Details page.

You can do it as like this way:
In Students add Page Properties, Go to Master Detail Form option, and then add detail forms as like below:

Yes as per your guidance I can add-guardian page to add-student page.
But how do I enable add-guardian on list-student page ?
there’s no master-detail form collection property on student list page

just curious… in this video, it can provide add button on detail page :

and he/she uses version 7.1.2

From your image here, you can see enable header below that configuration. Set it to true.

Got same problem, enable header of the detail page but unable to add new record. There is error no default value for the relation column