Can't connect to MariaDB

Trying to create a connection to MariaDB but it fails. I also tried MySQL 8, same. MySQL 5 connects easily but I don’t want to use that. Currently using Laragon for my WAMP stack.

It connects to a MariaDB on a remote server though.

Did You ve checked DB port settings? Its 3306 or other? In laragon I had 2 database server instances on two different ports.

It is on default port. I have other applications connecting to it.

@oladipomd this is not a bug. Usually, the culprit in this is the authentication method used by the DB server. Radsystems studio has an issue connecting with the new Authentication method used by new versions of DB, e.g New release of Postgres DB currently uses scram-sha-256 by default, which is not supported. Please read more here MySQL :: MySQL Internals Manual :: 14.3 Authentication Method

So, I stick to old DB for now.