Case Case-sensitive compatibility issues in Unix-based systems (such as Linux)

I’m having a problem with case sensitive naming of classes created from radsystems tools with laravel backend framework and bootstrap jquery ui framework.

When my project was uploaded to shared hosting, this occurred, but previously if run on localhost, this problem did not occur.

Target class [App\Http\Controllers\findingController] does not exist.

In the Controllers folder :


class FindingController extends Controller

If I change it with findingController, then this problem occurs:

include(/home/username/public_html/vendor/composer/../../app/Http/Controllers/FindingController.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory

It is possible if it is customized so that it is not case sensitive, but it will be a big job for me to change it. because the file and class name are formed automatically from the radsystems tool.

Any way to solve this problem?
Please help everyone