Client Events not showing in in Nodejs as backend and react as frontend

Hello why there is no ClientEvents in Add page in the Field Properties using node and react?

You only get Client Events when using Bootstrap & jQuery as your front-end framework. All front-end frameworks in RadSystems Studio, have different development structures.

  1. For Vue, you get the option to edit a page as Custom, and from the Page Design section, you have the Page Custom JS and Page CSS Code.

Page Custom Js and Page CSS Code avalable in Page Design:

Custom Edit:

  1. While for React, the option to edit a page as custom is not available, and you can write custom React codes in the Page Custom JS of the Page Design section.

Just Page Custom Js in Page Design:

No Custom Edit:

Not everything is available across frameworks because each framework has its limitations when implemented.

Thank you so much for this information, now it’s clear and Know the limitation of the RadSystem.