Configuration export

in de RadSystem feactures see

“export setting” appears that does not appear in version 8.7.0. Is this a mistake or will there not be more support for customizing reports?

hi! please elaborate further ,i dont understand

In the Radsystems documentation, there are export configuration options (PDF) “Export Settings” - “01 Report Format” - “02 Report Design” - etc.
which are not found in the current version of Radsystems (8.7.0)
Are these options not going to have more support?
Will it be found somewhere else in the software?

you can select from here see if its set to false and set it to true

I am looking for this:


@Emman what might be the issue here?

Currently RadSystems version 8.7.0 using ASP.NetCore and Primevue shows these options only…

well it might be that the version you are using doe not have this options