Could not find driver in \app\models\PDODb.php Using MS SQL Database

I am facing below issue Using PhpRad Classic with MS SQL Server database

Could not find driver in \app\models\PDODb.php

I have solved it using below method. Before doing below stop the Apache and MySQL servers from XAMPP control panel and Quit the XAMPP control panel.

Below is the link to download Microsoft Drivers 5.8 for PHP for SQL Server

Run the downloaded file “SQLSRV58.exe” and click on browse button and select the folder where you extract the extensions files and from these extensions files, copy below extensions files and paste in PHP ext folder of XAMPP folder like it \xampp\php\ext


Add below extensions in php.ini file.

Run the XAMPP control panel and start the Apache and MySQL servers.
I hope your application ( PHPRad Classic and RadSystems till 8.2.3 version ) is working using MS SQL Server database. :smiley: