Create a MultiTenant

Is there the possibility of working with multiple companies? Whether to add a field in all the tables that identifies each company or assign different databases according to the company?
It would be a function similar to the user records managements. But for defined companies…

Yes, you could use the where configuration or the User record Management to archive this, but it will require critical thinking on how you want to implement it properly.

When I refer to multitenant it is something something like this: QuickAdminPanel Modules: Multi-Tenancy - YouTube

Such a great serial implementation on radsystems…

if i would go a multitenant approach i would think of a DB for each tenant
yet i am in your shoes when it comes to managing multi department entity where a user has roles in different departments , i did it in quasar custom using feathersjs a user will authenticate and then redirected to chose a department or business entity, from there all queries will be "where Department id = loggedinUser.deptID " something like that
i am scratching my head how to do it in Radsystems , without having to customize code and have to exclude the page from publish so that it does not get overwritten , i am new to RAdsystems

Maybe a video tutorial will help :smiley:

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