Custom End Points - Routes problem (PHPRad Classic)

Version: Radsystems 6.0.8 (beta) - PHPRad Classic (Laravel - Bootstrap)

I created a custom endpoint, but I noticed in the documentation that we need to manually specify the Route in “routes/web.php” file. I’ve no problem manually editing the routes file, however, I noticed Radsystems overwrites this file when I start the software and load the project and then publish. Also, Radsystems overwrites this file whenever I make changes in the List or Add/Edit/View pages.

As a result of these overwrites, I have to go back to the routes file again and add the routes for the Custom End Points all over again. This is troublesome and sometimes I keep wondering why code is not working, only to realize after a few minutes of frustration that the routes file is overwritten.

I understand I can remove the tick-mark of the routes/web.php file from Project Publish settings. But this also results in new types of problems. While developing the application, whenever I add a new page component to any of the pages, the resulting application fails at times, because Radsystems skips the routes file and the route necessary to make the Ajax page component to work remains missing. So, publishing the routes file seems a must, at least during the application development life cycle in order to accommodate the changes I go on making in the pages.

Am I doing the Custom End Points thing the wrong way or does it have to be like this? Please suggest to me a better workflow for custom endpoints.