Custom field not work

Hi, in the last update I have cerified anomalous behavior.
By selecting the profile card view (in the list page) and then returning to the tabular list view, the custom fields do not work.
I attach pictures

@TERzo Delete the generated project folder and publish your project again. As i tested it from my end and i did not encounter any errors.

Hi, i did as you said but nothing has changed, then it occurred to me to disable authentication and the problem vanishes.
So if you activate authentication and try to insert a custom field in the user table, the error occurs again.

@TERzo disable Authentication, delete the Custom Field and recreate it, then re-enable Authentication again. If that doesn’t work, delete the project folder and regenerate the project. Tested it with Authentication and no Authentication and it is working fine from my end. The only time I got an error was when I tried to use a Custom Field in creating another Custom Field.