Data Repeater and Data Component

Was looking those 2 filters, Data Repeater and Data Component, but couldn’t figure how they work or what is their intended use.

Data repeater just outputs a list of json formated values and Data componet outputs a single record json, apart from that, can’t see what I can do with them.

@ewwgee it is like the custom view component, with the option to pull data from the database.
you select a data source and design how you want to display the data. One for when you are dealing with multiple data(Data Repeater), and the other one for when you are dealing with a single data(Data Component).

Ok, that was what I was getting and was puzzled to figure how that was a filter component.

Maybe it should be moved to the View Components, next to Custom View as it makes more sense there, as those components are not filtering anything, just getting some data.