Database Table List Sequence

Table names are listed in under ordered sequence in the Database Tables tree/explorer.
This increases development time due to the need to search for desired tables.
My database has over 50 tables - making the search for tables time consuming.
Suggest use of order by clause when listing table names.
Also, there are other places in the PyRad product where data is not sequenced.

@bigheart7 tables are added in the sequence they are in the database unless you add new tables and try to sync the table with the project then the tables are added at the bottom.

Willvin, Thank you for sharing. I will put in an enhancement suggestion that tables be listed alphabetically. Also, when creating a new project, databases are also listed in the order of creation, not alphabetically. It is good to show columns in a table in the order stored in the table. As a work around, I can rearrange DDL putting tables in alpha sequence.