Datatables are duplicated

RadSystems Studio. Version 4.6

Each time I create new project I always get duplicated database tables.

Ive tried sqlight and MariaDB

Te real issue is that its also duplicated on web pages:

Do You have any solution to this?

@piotr please sync the database with the project using the database sync button in Radsystems Studio and it should be gone.

Thank You for answer. Unfortunately - Ive tried “SYNC” option. No succes.
Ive also installed Radsystems on new laptop, with clean windows. Additionally Ive use “Laragon”.
Same issue - after initially create tables - they are doubled. Ive tried to 2021-11-13 18_10_33-RadSystems Studio.  Version 4.6 - Rentier_new_sqlight C__wamp64_www_rentier_new
but now I dont have any pages on project -have to add them manually.
I was quite sure Ill buy a license but now I hesitate.

UPDATE: on database theres only single tables (no duplicates). I was testing it as DB server root user and also standard user

I am using Windows 10 Pro, RadSystem 4.6, WAMP.

The issue is with MariaDB and SQLight. Always the same - new project - add tables and after saving table creation window I am getting duplicated tables. Polish Language

@piotr Please send me a PM with your TeamViewer Details or Anydesk ID.

DEar @willvin - I cant send You PM - I dont have option for that. Theres no envelope icon near You. Maybe I am to fresh user on this platform?

This seems to be a confirmed bug for both SQLite DB and Mysql DB. When you try creating the database using the Radsystems Studio app. I also suspect the user’s default computer language might be the culprit, as it is not English. It is advisable to use database Managers like PHPMyAdmin, HeidiSQL, etc. to create and manage your database.

Thank You for Your support!Willvin spend almost an hour on my computer (remote desktop) to check those 2 issues.
Ive prepared hyper-v VM with english windows instalation and installed required components on it but “double-tables bug” still persist and its not dependent on system language.

Solved: Duplicated database tables issue is solved by creating a table in PhpMyAdmin with at least one table and than use this table with RADsystems.

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