Default Selected Value on a Select

I have tried the below using PHPRad Classic 2.7.3 and it works but in Radsystems 6.0.8 it does not.

Using a select I have.
SELECT jobstatusid AS value,jobstatus AS label FROM dbo.tblJobStatus ORDER BY jobstatus ASC

In the field properties I enter 1 in the Default Selected Value as I want the default selected to be jobstatusid value = 1.nothing happens.
if I edit code I can see $selected = Html::get_field_selected(‘jobstatusid’, $value);
in my PHPRad Classic 2.7.3 version I can see adding a default value changes the above code to $selected = Html::get_field_selected(‘jobstatusid’, $value, “1”);

is this something I am doing wrong or is it a bug?