Delete Record Image

I am delete record which exists Image. Field Record deleted success.
Why Image this record folder not Delete
Please Help. thanks

Check the configuration, there is an option to delete the image when the record is deleted. you did not set this, and that is why it is not deleting.

Where is the Position Configuration menu

Thank You

The above selection to delete the old value does not work when you update the image.
I am left with all the previous images in the small, medium, large and main folders.

Do you have any code we could put in the Before update that could cleanup the folders on image change?

No, I don’t have a code.

If DeletefileonrecordDelete=TRUE,…for example 3 Record and image list page. If one record is deleted so All images are deleted. Thanks

Please Help. Thank You

it doesn’t work for edit function, when i edit and delete the file, it doesn’t get deleted.
do you have the solution?
in radsystems 8.1.8 version radclassic