Dependent list not working without authentication - Radsystesm Classic 4.6.1

I have login authentication and registration , and roles and permissions in my project.
My Expertise/Add page have two field one is Expertise and 2nd is Skill, when I login and select expertise then Skill is load related data and working fine.
But in “Register Page”, I have added “Expertise/Add” page as subform. And “Register Page” is without authentication. When run the project and load the “Register Page”, Dependent list is not working in Expertise/Add page and when i select Expertise field then Skill is not loading related data while it same page is working fine after login.
Have any solution?

@usmraf786 please provide screenhots.

Please download video using below link and check the problem.

please note that the video shared does not include the details I asked of you. Please show me the details displayed on the command prompt, when you try using the dependent field on the generated app. I would prefer a screenshot as the video shared was not clear enough to see any text.

Updated good quality video link:

Hi, please send me a PM with your TeamViewer Details or Anydesk ID.