Different export format for each page


I’m currently using the trial version of radsystems and i can’t figure out how to create a different export format/layout for each page using laravel and quasar. Anyone could help me how can i make a separate export format/layout? since i need to have at several expor format for some of my page.

Radsystems is amazing actually for a novice who have a limited programming knowlegde. It would be very good if there are some demo project which shows each powerfull feature of radsystems. To be honest i’ve use another php generator and they provide a very good documentation and several demo project where the user can learn from.

Thank you

This option is no longer available in Radsysems Studio.
But you can find the report template used for your project in these locations:

Laravel + Boostrap & jQuery

{Project Root}\resources\views\layouts\report.blade.php

Laravel + Vue

{Project Root}\php-laravel-api\resources\views\layouts\report.blade.php

Node + vue

{Project Root}\nodejs-express-api\views\layouts\report.ejs

Python + Vue

{Project Root}\python-flask-api\app\templates\layouts\report.html

ASP.Net + Vue

{Project Root}\asp-dotnetcore-api\Views\Shared\_ReportLayout.cshtml

Hi Willvin,

Thanks for your reply. I understand i can modify the layout from report.blade.php but what i need to have another different layout for different page.

Thank you