Doubt about join tables view list

I have a question about how this problem could be solved. I have a “users” table where I show some fields on the list page and I want to join some custom fields that come from another table, the structure of the three tables that are related would be that of the image.
The problem is that we have created a view and we have made a select query and it shows all the information fine but the problem is that later we have csv import enabled since we want clients to be able to upload users in a csv and they don’t need to go 1 to 1, but uploading the csv gives an error “SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1471 The target table user_list of the INSERT is not insertable-into”.
Let’s see if someone can give us a clue how we could do this.

Regards, and thank you very much

You can only import data containing fields of the pages you are working with, the joined tables cannot be imported from that page. Use the import for the respective page.

Hi willvin

ok, i’ll do that, thanks for the help