Dynamic Tablerow entries

can some one tell me if it is possible to enter the value of a session into a dynamic tablerow,
I have a table setup for purchase orders and need the table to assign the purchase order into the correct field for all entries of the dynamic tablerow. the Purchase order number is retrieved via a session however i dont seem to be able to use $modeldata[‘fieldname’] to get multiple records to work .it works fine when I switch to a single record.

use javascript to auto add it every time you add a new row! so when its adding it will add all together! don’t use the backend for this one

thankyou for your response, I am not conversant with javascript could you advise how to possibly implement javascript to place the content of two sessions in two recurring fields please.

what do you mean content of two sessions?

I have the job number and purchase order passed to the add page via two sessions i.e.
$job_no = get_session(“Job_no”);
$po_no = get_session(“Po_no”);
the add page is a dynamic tablerow so that I can apply the same job number and purchase order number to every item entry I make on the add page.

you will have to add it your self! and this is not how you do it! you do it in the front end! where you get session data by setting the session values in the add page! !!
then in the addFormrow! you add the code to auto insert because every time a new row is created it resets everything to an empty field! so at this point you will remove the field you dont want to reset! to from the array
or just add the session data to it manually