Error 419 | Page Expired - Radsystems Classic, Site is not working in sub folder on WebHosting

I uploaded my site in sub folder of my domain because in main folder already I have other site.
Site is not working in sub folder on Web Hosting. Below error showing when I try to login, Can any solve it.

Error 419 | Page Expired

User: Usman
Password: 123456

Did you check Server Folder Permissions on CHMOD?? +745 or anyelse?

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I have checked server folder have Permissions ok. Please below snapshot.
Now I have stopped using RadSystems and PhpRad Classic because These software wasting our time because of may bugs, these are not useable software, and their developer team should be test completely before launching any softwares.
I hired expert Laravel developer from Feverr to remove this bug manually from codes files but he did not successful in it.


Can any solve above issue?

What kind of server u r using?, Apache, Ngix or what?
I the server config i think u need enable subdomain rewrite ops.

i sent a message to help u, if u like contact me ty

have you found the solution?

i have got the solution, add ob_start(); in index.php which is in the public folder

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