Error ADD records into tables

RADSYSTEM 2.0 PHP<Rad Classic. In any table where i insert new record the error appears


Hi @Maxr167
Did you do any configuration or it is the default configuration you previewed and got the error?


Hi @Maxr167 ,

Try to disable the roles and permission. If this error still appear.


@Maxr167 also note that an update to Radsystems studio is available, try downloading and installing it to see if the issue gets resolved. make sure to delete your project folder and re-publish your project. Will be expecting your update.

Note:- Since this is still in beta, the new update will not let you open old project made with Radsystems Studio version 2.0.


disabling dynamic role permission solves the problem. Should I consider it as a program bug?

---------- confirm is a bag of the latest update.----------------------------

Hi @Maxr167,
yes, it is a bug. The dev is aware of that, it should be fixed soon.


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This bug is now fixed as of version 2.4.
Please remember you need composer in order to run required command, and you need to set Authentication and Roles and Permission for laravel to generate necessary tables and data.