Error custom view->data view

PHPRad vue
I created a sql in the data view from edit with query designer but in the web page it generates an error

@Maxr167 from your error and what I have tested from my end, I can’t find any bug. And from your query, I can see a trailing " mark, which is not supposed to be there. Please make sure your query is well-written before adding it to your project. To be sure where the error is coming from, it’s best to test the query with your database manager(like PhpMyAdmin) if it works then you can add it to your Radsystems Project.

I have already tested the query with the phprad vue program and navicat everything works correctly

SELECT a.palestra, a.societa, a.start_date, SUM(a.totale_ore) AS sum_of_totale_ore, a.fascia_livello, a.fascia_stagioene FROM appointments AS a GROUP BY a.societa, a.fascia_stagioene

@Maxr167 please provide me with your anydesk ID for me to connect and see what is wrong.

teamviewer 412 996 409 psw j1u47m

412 996 409 myp188…

tried connecting but it is offline.

yes I’m out; tomorrow I will alert you to be inactive all day when you want to connect

Hi, if you want it is now active for a few hours otherwise tomorrow thanks

412 996 409 / 12341234

After going through @Maxr167 issue, the solution was to turn off strict mode, by setting it to false.

The issue is MYSQL mode being set to strict, from the laravel project.
To solve it; go to php-laravel-api/config/database.php and set strict to false and save, like below.

'mysql' => [
        'strict' => false,

Navigate to {project root}/php-laravel-api on your command prompt and run

php artisan cache:clear && php artisan config:cache

you run the following SQL query against your database, to fix the issue on your database globally.


that’s all.