Error in decimal field

Hello, I have a problem with decimal fields, I have tried thousands of combinations and none of them work for me. all of them round the decimals… example 12,500.20 but I need it to be like this… 12,500.26
I am with radsystems 7.1.2 node + quasar + mysql 5.7
P/D: I also tried several type combinations utf8, latin1, etc…

Any help on this?

@willvin Thank you willvim for your remote assistance!
In the valuestep field, the number of integers and decimals must be defined.


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As requested, it would be nice to add the type double to mysql data type support in rad.

Decimal is used for storing floating values/double datatype in a database and it is available on the database manager on MySQL projects.


This means the maximum number it can hold is 99,999,999,999.99. 11 indicating the length of the number before the dot/period/point and 2 after the dot/period/point

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i don’t understand what you mean.