Error in TIME OR DATE type field, it does not work with Event Client

Hello friends, how are you, I recently used a topic mentioned here about Client Events, especially those about showing or hiding a field according to the selection or Checkbox, I applied it and it worked correctly… But I found what I think is an error Or I would like you to tell me if another formula applies, but the TIME type fields do not work in the conditional Event Client, I tried it several times and it does not hide. Now I try the exact same structure of the Change function, and it works fine but in text or other type fields. I appreciate some help.

$(‘#ctrl-totaltime’).change(function () {
if ($(this).val() == ‘1’) {
else {

The above is what I have written… the “timein” field is type “Time”, and it does not work… I applied the same thing to another text type field and it works…
Thanks for the feedback.

An additional item, when the field you want to show/hide is a “select” type field, the style of the list is distorted, it is not displayed correctly…

Hello friends, any help you can give me?

thank you so much

You need to edit the page and add an ID to the main div, then use that ID to hide it.

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Thanks friend, I’m going to try what you suggest.