Error login or password

I am using the latest version of Radsystem 3.4, the authentication function is not working legally, I register the user, there is no error, only when logging in I am giving an invalid user or password, I have already done several tests with various types of passwords and I can’t authenticate.

I’ve been working with PHPRAD for about two years, in the old version it always worked just fine.

Have you managed to use this feature?

@George please provide screenshots and the project type, thanks.

Please make sure that your password field is not truncating the value when registering new user.

The password field should be more than 32 character length.


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@willvin so far I haven’t been able to run any project in this version of radsystem, I register the user in the table and the user message and the password is invalid, it seems to be something in the migration, any changes I make to the authentication table it runs and gives the message Nothing to migrate .

I’ve created several projects, different banks and always the same thing.

@George did you do/check what was stated by @Emman?

is with varchar(255) image attached

Please send me your anydesk ID let me take look.