Error when publish the project

Hi, when I publish the project I get following error message:
Der Befehl “php” ist entweder falsch geschrieben oder
konnte nicht gefunden werden.

The translation means:
The “php” command is either misspelled or
could not be found.

I have cleared everything and started a clean installation of Version 2.8.

Any ideas?

This means that PHP is not installed or accessible on your computer.
Kindly install xampp or laragon it will install all the necessary things you need to run your app.

Thanks Emman.

XAMPP is installed in version 3.2.4. In the meantime I removed Microsoft Visual Studio to make sure they do not influence each other. I also removed XAMPP as well es Radsystem and installed it complettly new. But still no change. I always got the error that PHP is not installed.


Hi @Ralf ,

After you installed xampp, try to register the php.exe in your environment variable.

see this thread. Error when displaying



I registered the php directory. But I can not try it as my trial period is now over. I would realy like to by the license but have to be sure the the programm is running well. It’s still a beta and I would wondering if it is possible to continue testing until we see the final version.


Finaly I was able to extend the test period. With Version 3.4 everything works well. Thanks for your help.


How were you able to extend your trial period pls?